About the Podcast

Table Talk with Tottie launched in 2016 by Natasha 'Tottie' Weston. This show originally derived from her very first blog after Natasha found it extremely challenging to keep up with the blog's highlighted topics of fashion & entertainment.

One day, following one of their common heart to heart conversations, Natasha's close friend Regina told her she should start a podcast. She believed that more people needed to hear Natasha's wisdom, knowledge and insight on how to navigate life and business.

Shortly after, Table Talk with Tottie (the podcast) was born. Since then, we've charted on Apple Podcasts in Jamaica and Denmark in the Top 100 in Personal Journals, received 5 star reviews and raving feedback from listeners all over the globe!

About the Host

Natasha 'Tottie' Weston is a millennial mom, podcaster, speaker and brand content creator. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Tot Spot Media. She has almost ten years experience as a professional development workshop facilitator, speaker and entrepreneur. In that time she has earned a reputation as an engaging and effective professional who delivers motivation and knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. She achieves this by showing her audience how to acknowledge, build and cultivate their personal brands to become better leaders for tomorrow. Natasha is also most recognized for her ability to motivate regular people to be great. As of today, she's been recognized by The White House for her work in gender equality and featured in an array of magazines and blogs such as Sheen Magazine, Vibe Vixen, Live Civil and Market America. Learn more about Natasha here.

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