EPISODE 28: Paulana Lamonier On How To Shoot Your Shot At Landing A Dream Job

Today on the show, we have a New York City born and raised millennial who took an impressive leap of faith and used social media in hopes of snagging her dream job at Complex Magazine. Her name is Paulana Lamonier and she is an edu-tainer and freelance journalist and tv personality. She loves educating and entertaining her audience through digital, social media, print and TV talent. In whatever she does, making sure she's telling compelling stories is always at the top of her agenda. Paulana has written for ESPN's The Undefeated, Blavity, LearnVest, Her Agenda, Black Enterprise and more. Her resume is quite impressive as she's interviewed some of entertainment's trendsetters from Tracy Y Oliver, writer of the hit movie Girls Trip to Yvonne Orji from HBO's hit TV show Insecure. And to the best part of her entire resume, Paulana loves Jesus, Beyonce and trap music-in that order!

Earlier this month, Paulana needed a job so she created ComplexPleaseHirePaulana.comand asked hundreds of her social media friends to retweet "Hey Complex! You've met the rest. Now here's the best. Please hire my friend Paulana as your next anchor." She also went on to post on her own profile stating: "Since turning 26, I've learned to pursue my dreams with reckless abandon. So, I created a site so Complex can hire me."

I immediately said out loud and in my head "Yassssss!" So of course I had to RT and also engage in some convo with the genius behind this interesting hire me campaign. In Episode 28, I sat down with Paulana to discuss her bold move and how launching a hire me campaign has worked to both her advantage and disadvantage.

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