EPISODE 44: The Not So Bestie

Before last week, most would say the level of success the late Kate Spade reached is #Goals. She had it all: a booming global brand, a long term marriage, a daughter and a team of every kind of person the average human being could want. But now the real question becomes, is what we deem #Goals really what we should aim for? What does it all actually mean? And is the success we desire worth our sanity.

In Episode 44, Natasha sits down with her long TIME best friend of 10 years, Industrial Engineer and Travel Enthusiast, Regina Long to discuss the many complexities in friendships and if in fact we really do know the people right in our circles.

This episode dives head first into our thoughts on what may lead to suicide, depression and how as sisters, mothers, aunts and friends we can become more aware of the serious battles our loved ones are facing so that we can make the commitment to creating more safe environments where people can scream help if necessary. We also discuss the true test to determining if a friendship is worth fighting for and how to deal with “seasonal” friends.

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