EPISODE 68: An Intimate Conversation About Generational Curses In Love & Dysfunction w/ Bree Gordon

In this episode, we are continuing the conversation on love and relationships but today, we are joined by Bree Gordon, Speaker and Author of Black Coffee who is on a mission to help women refine, refill and rediscover their identity after toxic relationships. After spending 10 years in an on-and-off relationship, which later resulted into a short-lived marriage then divorce, Bree left emotionally and mentally empty, but then found her way to pulling back the layers of her own trauma and roots of dysfunction. In today’s episode, we completely pull back the cover and air out how generational curses, shame and not asking for help have impacted our relationships over the years. Rather you’re staying in a toxic, dysfunctional situationship for the sake of your kids, or trying to identify the signs of generational myths, this show is just for you. So hold on tight, because this is a conversation that will completely shake the way we’ve been viewing ourselves as women living, dating and navigating relationships in today’s society.

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